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Baker Distributing is a Vermont family owned and operated business specializing in the distribution of the finest beer, wine, hard cider and non-alcoholic beverages to the entire state of Vermont. Founded in 1965 by brothers David Baker Sr. & Joseph Baker Jr., they strived to satisfy the need for diverse beverages to be available to consumers in Vermont. The business was started in Rutland, with only three employees. Now, with hard work and dedication, the company has grown to over two hundred and twenty Vermont employees. We currently provide service to licensed accounts in our entire state from our two in-state warehouses located in Colchester and North Clarendon.

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Our portfolio contains a wide variety of the beer, cider, wine, hard cider and non-alcoholic beverages available in the great state of Vermont to satisfy all of our customers. We currently carry a diverse selection of brands from the following popular categories:

  • Vermont
  • Craft
  • Imported
  • Domestic

Each of these categories have many sub categories, where you can explore our offered brands and varieties. Over the last half century,  beer and wine brands have come and gone and the Bakers believe that “brand building” was and will continue to be a key success to our growth and expansion. Our goal is to continue to bring both new items and existing brands to Vermont. Our day to day operations, are supported by a management team with unparalleled experience. For more than 25 years Michael Baker and David Baker have contributed to the family business.

In selling alcoholic beverages, we are one part of the valuable and accountable “3 Tier System”, of Supplier, Distributor and Retailer established by the 21st amendment of the Constitution. We comply with Vermont and Federal laws that mandate how and to whom we can sell our products. We only sell to Vermont licensed accounts and those approved by the Vermont Department of Liquor Control.



Not Your Father’s Root Beer

not-your-fathers-rootbeeerThis month’s featured product is Not Your Father’s Root Beer from Small Town Brewery located in Wauconda, Illinois.

Style: Gruit-inspired recipe (Herb-spiced Ale)

ABV: 5.9%

Taste Profile: Not Your Father’s Root Beer is a category-defining craft ale brewed with unique spices. An unrivaled evolution of timeless American root beer in taste and color, NYFRB has earned a “World Class” rating of 87 on Beeradvocate.

Offerings: 6-pack (12 oz.) Bottles & Cans and ½ BBL Kegs

Notes: Brewer Tim Kovac’s creativity and painstaking commitment to flavor complexity result in an unmistakable offering that masterfully blends hints of sassafras bark, wintergreen, anise, and vanilla. A smooth and balanced Ale, NYFRB  has broad appeal – from discerning craft beer drinkers to non-beer drinkers.

Brand History: NYFRB is the result of ambitious creativity, a rich family brewing heritage, and tireless commitment to premium American craftsmanship. After Tim Kovac and his son experimented with brewing as a hobby for several years, Tim formally committed to the craft in 2010 by opening Small Town Brewery.

His brewing focus developed as he unearthed his unique family brewing history, which dates back to his great grandfather from the 1600s. Utilizing his ancestors’ brewing practices – which included gruit-based recipes consisting of specific herbs, flowers, and various fruits versus hops – has inspired Tim’s passion for deriving innovative offerings, such as Not Your Father’s Root Beer, from modern brewing’s heritage and underpinnings.

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